One Day Scene Writing Intensive with Demet Divaroren

A scene is more than a unit of action that ‘contains’ a story – a scene is your story in action. It is multi layered, structured prose that is one piece of a larger narrative.

Bring a major dramatic scene from your novel or story (fiction or non-fiction) to this workshop. We will look at all of the key elements: purpose, setting, time, character, action, conflict, tension. We will then layer the scene with the character’s emotional development/change (how is the character reacting to the external action? What is happening in the character’s internal world?) We’ll look at the character’s scene-specific goal and how its outcome connects with and drives the character towards their overall story goal.
You will go away from this workshop knowing how to revise your scene, and then apply what you have learned to every dramatic scene in your novel. Story gold!

Workshop limit is 10 people.

On Saturday 27 July 2019 at 10:00am -5pm

Cost: $87


St Josephs By the Sea Conference Centre
16 Esplanade , Williamstown, vic 3016

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